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The trade fair stand - the central contact point for your trade fair appearance

If you want to represent your company and your products and services at a trade fair, your stand is the central point of contact for visitors. Even if you will usually be working with trade fair construction professionals who will support you in the implementation, you should be aware of a few basic points.

The question arises, for example, whether you would like to have an individual exhibition stand (conventional exhibition stand) or rather a system stand; whether this should be purchased or rented or whether it should be a head stand or corner stand, for example. The latter of course also depends on the placement of your trade fair stand by the trade fair organiser.

System stand or conventional exhibition stand

Since the investments for a trade fair stand are not exactly small, the question of a suitable trade fair stand is an important issue. Thus the initial positioning and decision for one or the other system is an important decision, which has influence on the future trade fair appearances.

If, for example, you decide on a conventional trade fair stand, i.e. a trade fair stand that is specially made for you, you can use certain elements again at later trade fairs and thus save money. The conventional exhibition stand is often made of wood, whereby elements of system construction can also be incorporated here, e.g. to stretch fabric panels and make backlit walls possible. In addition, you have the option of using unusual structural variants such as a two-storey stand.

In addition there is the pure system construction, where prefabricated and standardised elements made of aluminium are used. This system has the great advantage that it can be used again and again by the stand construction company and is therefore cheaper to rent. However, the individuality that you may want to convey with your products and services will fall by the wayside.

Modular display solutions as a low-cost alternative

In recent years, another system has become more and more established on the market. These are modular trade fair and congress solutions consisting of mobile aluminium plug-in frames and high-quality textile displays. These practical connecting elements enable numerous solutions for different floor areas and heights and are also quite cost-effective. However, these systems are primarily used on small information stands at congresses or on the fringes of trade fairs. However, this system is not recommended for a large exhibition stand with a lot of public traffic.

Rent an exhibition stand or buy an exhibition stand

The question whether you should rent or buy your exhibition stand depends very much on your possibilities and the use of the exhibition stand. When buying a trade fair stand, you have very high investment costs, which, however, pay for themselves after 3-4 trade fairs. If you have the internal possibility to set up and store your own exhibition stand and if you have several events a year, then this solution should be your favourite.

If you do not have this kind of capacity, it would be better to hire a stand from the stand construction company. Here you will have lower initial costs at the beginning, but these will remain high for many years. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about the construction and storage of the exhibition stand, as this is taken over by the stand construction company or storage is not necessary due to the rental of the elements. Also keep in mind that you can adapt the trade fair design again and again, even after years of rental. If you buy a trade fair stand, it should pay for itself before you decide on something new. In the case of annual use, this can take three to four years, during which you will always have to resort to the same design.

Planning and consulting for your desired trade fair stand

As you can see, there are many fundamental questions that must be clarified before your trade fair appearance in order to implement your perfect trade fair stand. So that you can plan and compare at your leisure, your planning phase for a trade fair stand should begin with sufficient advance notice. We recommend approx. 6 months.

In addition, you should rely on professional support and compare the various offers and prices on the market. Here we can support you on this portal. This service is even free of charge for you.